Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 3

I started the day with a walk with Gwyddion in the woods:
Trader Joe's Instant coffee.
Organic pomegranate/strawberry yogurt, multi-grain toast with Earth Balance and blueberry preserves.

The medication that i am on for my nervous system issues slows me down and makes me feel tired and spacey. By nature, i am a pretty high strung individual, a Vata dosha with a healthy touch of Pitta. In fact, I often feel that the two "types" war it out within me. The sensitive fragile artist-mystic with the fiery aggressive confident self. Anyway, I never "needed" caffeine until I began taking this medication. Still, the benefits outweigh the negatives, and I am glad for it. I could substitute coffee for tea or Yerba Mate, and sometimes I do. But some vices have their place, and this is one of them. Coffee and meds it is.

OK, so I fall off the wagon so easily. I was hungry! Dunkin Donuts egg and cheese croissant for lunch with iced coffee at North Station. Mmmmm...

Lots of Blackberrying on the train. Caught up on dance-related emails (never!).

Snack: 1 banana, almonds.
Dinner: Jasmine rice with chicken, with this awesome African Smokey seasoning, and big bowl o' mixed greens. (Yup, I ate chicken).
Nightime after class: 1 piece pizza with anchovies (this fish=omega 3's! seriously! and lots of white flour in the dough. Fine.).
3 walks with Gwyddie not including AM walk I mentioned earlier.

Today I did not have time to do any dance. So I chose to be extra conscious of my posture throughout the day.

I have had trouble with my posture for some time, being tall and all. Tall girl symdrome. So I must be extra careful with it. And after two car accidents, my spine has been injured and weakened. I am still recovering, but I've healed quite considerably. I am needing some good solar plexus chakra work. I am wanting to get myself back to a good healthy posture and core strength.

I struggle with chronic pain in my spine from injuries. I find that it keeps me from dancing and exercising as much as I'd like. I generally do at least 2 miles in the woods with Gwyddie per day (he needs it for his boundless energy). This is hiking, climbing, walking, running, and sitting and breathing. Occasionally Pilates and Yoga on the rocks.

I would like to do Pilates more than that. I hereby set my intention to do Pilates at least 3x per week.


  1. When you gotta go to Dunk's (as most of us do when we are soooooo busy), the veggie flatbread sandwich isn't too bad, nutrition/calorie-wise, and tastes pretty decent, too. I'm with you on the tall girl syndrome. I'm being extra careful too, as my nana was starting to look like a question mark when she died, and my mom is getting that stooped look now, as well. Thinking about investing in some time with an Alexander Technique specialist.

  2. A question mark, yes! Sometimes I feel like I'm already there!
    Alexander Technique....I wonder if we could find someone and set up a workshop.