Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dear diary...

I've called this diary "Serpent Moon" because it has been begun on the New Moon (created yesterday). I pulled a card form my Animal-Wise deck to ask for a dance guide and "8 of Ancients: Rat Snake" appeared. "Acceleration and Movement." The serpent. "Progress is assured as long as we assert and accelerate our efforts". OK! I am publicly pushing myself to work in a more organized way toward some new dance goals.

Poem by   Travis Bowman   
My intentions for this time period of one moon cycle (28 days) is to develop some new habits and better organize my efforts. I am wanting to more clearly examine the connection between my everyday agenda, my art, my overall health, and my dance practice, becoming clearer about where I prioritize my time.

I do this publically to both help myself be accounatble, and also to decide, frankly, if i truly enjoy my work as much as I like to think, or, what aspects I enjoy most, and are the ones I do not enjoy worth time. I have many other artistic media that I enjoy working in; again, my intent is to more clearly prioritize in a way that is authentic, and meaningful, and current.

I was inspired by Naraya and her blog to create this public dance diary. Thank you, Naraya! :) If the great and accomplished Naraya can do this, then its probably a smart idea for me to try it out, too.


Day One: (yesterday)
-Taught private Skype lesson in AM.
-Began blog.
-Also, went to a mixed media Tarot inspired show; had the pleasure of watching OmBellyCo dance.

I enjoyed the show on many levels. The dancing was brief as it was part of an overall collaboration, but was a pleasure watching Erin Power, (once a student of mine and assistant teacher and now a teacher in her own right and member of OmBellyCo) step onto the stage as The Empress. Watching OmBellyCo and their ATS work reminded me to remember to practice basics, and learn some new things that I may have overlooked the first time around. for instance, the dancers had some very beautiful arm accents that would be nice for me to learn. Also, they move slowly and simply; again, there is an elegance in that that I would like to capture in my own dance. I tend to "attack" my work. I'd like to better learn to let the audience come to me, rather than feeling the need to grab them around the neck. Not that there isn't something to be said for that, but still...;)

Day Two: (today)
Neck ache. SI joint pain. Hangover. Day off from dance movement, unless you include the celebration dance I did all over the house today for Gwyddie as he finally made it up the stairs.
-Worked on website. Several hours.
-long discussion with Mike about events and projects over Sunday coffee
-made arrangements for Dark Goddess Masque

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