Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 6--the Birthday Edition...

I began the day getting up at 7am to go to the dentist. My broken tooth needed some attending. It's filled and ready to roock! However, it's a signal to me that I need to cut down on the candy and sugar.

It's amazing that when the time comes to do something, the time really comes. The Universe signals from all directions. I am undergoing a transit (moving astrological influence) from Saturn. Saturn is Father Time, She is Crone Mother Wisdom; Saturn shows up when its time to get with it, increase discipline levels, get focused, cut the shit, etc. Saturn actually rules the spine, bones and teeth! (Broken tooth, uh-oh, time to get with it and get to the dentist more often). Saturn wants real authenticity in real time. Dreams are great, Saturn says, but how do you want to implement your plan. Saturn is very happy with this blog, because it signals to the Cosmos that I am ready to get down to business.  He like Pilates, Yoga (as long as its done well and not in some bullshit kinda way), he likes honesty, integrity, and discipline. He is pictured with a scythe, the Grim Reaper, the One who cuts out what no longer works to make way for the new.

So, eh, long will you be hanging around my chart? 2 years, he says. Okey doke. Sounds grand.

When Saturn passed over my Moon, which rules family ties and self-nurturing, my sister passed away. So did sister dancer Jeniviva. This was a harsh version of Saturn's lessons, the cutting away of connections that I loved. I'm still trying to recover.

This time Saturn is transiting a position that signifies how I relate to the world, and how I appear one-on-one. It is telling me that the healing from loss and injury will go on, but now is the time to strengthen body and mind.. I have also been called upon to shore up boundaries, to claim territory, to claim accomplishments and personal power. Saturn is the archetype of caution and sobriety, but paradoxically, I have been quicker to say what I mean, with directness and clarity. I think this is part of claiming power. Why let something fester? That can't be good for my health, I am fiery by nature. The deaths in my life have signaled to me that life is short, and unpredictable. Petty politics are for peons. I don't have time to play bullshit games.

Saturn appreciates authentic expression in art, and real world working on it. He says--you will get out of your dance exactly what you put in. He likes solid technique, and he LOVES drilling and practicing. So, I shall do just that.

Today I did Pilates on the front porch. Gwyddie was there, coaching me. He like to get involved. He's a sweet little pest, and he makes me laugh so hard.

So far today I've had a banana and TJ"s Ginger Granola cereal with almond milk.
It's lunch time, and I'm about to prepare a salad with organic mixed greens and a can of smoked oysters. That's right, oysters. Geisha makes them tasty, and they're full of nutrients. Gwyddie likes them, too.

Since its my birthday today, i expect to fall of the wagon later. I'll jump off, maybe. :)

I have some rehearsing to do, some drilling to do, and I also have some to photos to put up. One for the road:

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  1. such a BEAUTIFUL post... I've been thinking a lot about that lately, "life is short, and unpredictable". And Jenni has also been coming to mind a lot lately... Life is too short, certainly too short to spending life force energy on drama, negativity, and anything that in any-way-shape-or-form divests us from our divine selves and what we need to do in this life. Let's keep dancing beautiful lady and drinking it in....