Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 4 and 5 Hot baths and wine cure headaches, and more...

Day 4:

Feeling not up to snuff today. Needing relaxation and rest.

-Walked in the woods with Gwyddie 30 mins
-Pilates and yoga: 30 mins
-several walks around neighborhood.

Coffee, chocolate yogurt, and a banana

Trader Joe's blueberry bar

Brown rice california roll (sushi)

Mushroom ravioli, mixed greens with organic Thousand Island. Flax flatbread with Earth Balance.

I'm noticing by doing this log that I am not drinking enough water thoughout the day. I will also start recording water. (How exciting for you, dear reader. ).

I'm also noticing that I would like to work more on my breath and meditation practice. Will alo chronicle that. So, Day 4: sat in chair holding Gwyddie, deep breathing and following the breath for 30 breaths. Listening to ambient sound and letting thoughts pass.

Yesterday eve I had a big super-duper premenstrual headache. Pounding. Irritable and overstressed. Mike suggested that I take a bath and have a glass of wine. Yes! Candles, wine, Big Band music and a hot bath. Ahhhhh....Perfect stress relief! Headache gone.

Ran circles around and around the apt while "chasing" Gwyddie with his ball. Fell asleep early.

Day 5:

coffee, ginger granola cereal

Apple and blue cheese

Dinner (early) 5 Vegetable dumplings with sauce.

Gwyddie is under the weather with digestive problems. (He's seeing DR. Jessamyn tomorrow). So no woods today, as he's needed rest.

I will also be seeing the Dr tomorrow, as MY TOOTH BROKE!  What?! Yes, it broke? I didn't even know I had a cavity, there was no pain. Sheesh. Off to the Dentist bright and early tomorrow, and its my dang birthday! That's OK, because I'm celebrating with friends on Sunday.

Rehearsal for dance performance at Xmortis on Friday : 60 mins

Tonight: photoshoot! :)

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