Monday, April 30, 2012

Days 8, 9, 10 Whirlwind weekend and recovery!

Day 8.

I performed at Xmortis "Arabian Midnights" at somewhere between  12 and 1am, so I was pretty tired on Saturday morning. Nonetheless, I taught a private Skype lesson at 11 EST.!

Look at the talons! I love the costume with the chain mail, too. 
The boobs aren't that noticeable...shut up!
Then it was off to help some friends move their stuff from one Temple space to another. I did not lift anything, as I try to protect my spine from injury. I did, however, provide the truck. This, of course, required another coffee. Iced Hazelnut. With milk and sugar, that's right.

Thai food for dinner: Masaman Curry with tofu, vegetable tempura.

Mike had a drumming gig that I'd planned to attend on Sat night, but I was a very tired person from the night before, and I decided to stay home. This gave me time to spend part of the eve setting up my studio space. I put out old 1960's bellydance record covers, and organized and otherwise decorated. Lots of red, and some really cool sheets of "stained glass" for the windows. Now all I need are mirrors, and we're good! Up to Home depot I go. Unless of course I can find something free or cheap on Craig's list. I'm looking.

Day 9.

Sunday was a housewarming/birthday party at my place. I'm not even going to TELL you what I ate, because though it included lots of veggies, it also included quite a bit of white flour, and wine and Viking Blod.

I had a great conversation with my dear friend Naraya about dance, as we sat in my studio and watched her toddler daughter play my electric guitar.

Day 10.

Oh man. So tired. I needed this rest day...If you call a rest day answering emails and and having a meeting with a photographer friend to plan a photoshoot . Even Gwyddie was tired today, and that is indeed rare. My SI joint is also sore from going up and down flights of stairs, cleaning, organizing, and setting up for the party yesterday.

I will be making another appointment to get another injection in my SI joint. I have chronic sacroiliitis which at times gets in the way of my dancing. Mayas are particularly tough on it. Menstrual time is also a trigger, as  some of the same hormones that our female bodies use to widen and open the hips in childbirth are also released during menstruation. I have to rest the joint, ice it, and slurp down Ibuprofen. My ass is on ice a lot!

Tomorrow is another day. Now off to watch a horror movie, then beddie-bye.

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