Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Days 16, 17, 18, 19

Day 16:
Sunday in Easthampton
I took the 2.5 hour ride out to Easthampton, MA, to work with the amazing people at Blue Guitar Studio. Chaya Leia of Venus Rising Bellydance was a most gracious and considerate hostess, and I enjoyed myself immensely!

I taught my Shamanic Bellydance Intensive, which is always a deeply profound experience for me. Each time I teach shamanic work the experiences are different, each person having a unique and personal experience with the journeys, power animals, guardians, and archetypes. Its an exhausting and exhilarating 5 hours for me.

Chaya was so amazingly kind to treat me to a wonderful Indian dinner, at which time I stuffed myself. Mmmmm...I do love Paneer Aloo, and get it almost every time I go out for Indian. I love spinach! That and coconut soup. Though Chaya also most graciously invited me to stay the night, I chose to drive back home. I was worried about my little Gwyddion, and his fragile health. (See my earlier blogs or my Facebook page for more about his health issues.)

Day 17:
I was wiped out on Monday, but there is no rest for the wicked, as they say. And I guess I must be fairly wicked, because my life is non-stop right now. Gwyddie has been sick, so i spent the day helping him.

Day 18:
Big day running around to the vet and back. Oy!

Day 19:
Today was spent primarily on the Dark Goddess Masque. 
Many walks with Gwyddie. He seems better.
Working on choreo for class. 60mins.


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