Friday, May 18, 2012

The Moon is Almost New Again! Day 29

Day what? I've lost track…

I am happy to report that Gwyddion is doing much better now. He's able to eat and keep his food down and in, he has more energy, and he's starting to get that wild look back in his eye. I'm very happy with this! It took us over two weeks, but I think we found the right medicine for my wonderful little four-legged boy.

As you can see from my posting history, I've missed many of the last days that I had intended to write this blog. This was largely because of the serious illness Gwyddie was experiencing. However just because I didn't write, doesn't mean I didn't dance. I did manage to get some practice-time in as well as Pilates and yoga. I also taught classes, and attended a sacred dance concert.

I've increased my intake of vegetables and fruits quite a lot over the last few days. Here's to getting my colors! I've been missing my long walks in the woods that Gwyddion and I were taking for many weeks; we haven't been able to do this as he has not been well enough. I'll be getting a membership at Planet Fitness so that I can still keep up on my cardio fitness.

I said above that this is day 29. The new Moon is this weekend; its been my plan to write from new Moon to new Moon and see where that takes me. I am very glad that I've done this blog! It is helped me examine my habits.

It is my plan to go ahead with this blog for another Moon cycle. I have some more new positive habits I'd like to form. I do write other blogs however, and I find that on days that I write elsewhere is too exhausting to write here as well. So it is my intention to write three times a week or so only.

I hope that you will continue to take this journey with me!


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