Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dance deliciousness challenge!

I am beginning another 21 Day stretch into sharing my dance practice!

I have recommended to my students a 21 Day Challenge for Dance Deliciousness!!!! I have challenged them to practice for a minimum of 15 mins a day, and to log what they have done, so that it can be shared. I am setting my example by rekindling my dance blog, Serpent Moon.

Sometimes we think that we are doing more than we are! ;) Logging our practice keeps us on the straight-ish and narrow-like. Focused!

Day 1 begins today. 21 days from now will be the Winter Solstice, when the Sun is reborn and a new solar year begins. So I am ending my year with a dedicated practice!

My goals:

1. To keep my DVD materials fresh in my mind. I will be shooting in February, and I need to make the process as efficient as possible. My script, etc is good to go. Just needing to keep working it.
2. To expand practice and challenge myself. New moves!
3. To work towards creating a new choreography. Some shows coming up, including Paris, Germany, and NYC.
4. To continue to build and maintain core strength with Pilates, Yoga and cardio (woods loop).
5. Continue and expand meditation practice.
6. Continue to improve as a teacher.
7. Behold myself with honor, compassion, self-love and gratitude. My body is a temple for my divinity.


Day 1
-I began the day excited to see snow!
-I taught a private 1 hr. Classical Bellydance lesson. So nice to be returning to what I was "raised" on in this way!
-Worked with basic Hatha yoga in cool down.
-Stretches, light Pilates.
-Off to the dog park! Running with Gwyddie around the park, throwing the ball. Our "after-walk". 1 mile.

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  1. I love the idea of dancing 21 days to the Solstice. I am already attempting a month of daily blogging again and was considering adding daily dance to that as well especially since this months NaBloPoMo theme is work. Which turned my thoughts towards all the types of work we do (creative work, inner work, house work, school work, etc). Actually off to do my regular dance warm-up and practice right now!