Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day 2. Krampus. And Discipline. ;)

If it happened after midnight (so that technically it was Day 2), does it count that I stole Krampus's switch away and began to dance a Raqs Assaya with it to Gothic Xmas music at the height of the party last night?...

Maybe. But I thought that, just to be safe, I would make sure that I got some good practice in during daylight hours today. :)

-Yoga this AM, 15 mins
-Stretch and strength. Intermittently throughout Ravens game.
-Bellydance drills, 45 mins:
I practiced footwork primarily today. I am good at footwork as long as it is improvisational. As soon as its time to decidedly use one foot or another sequentially, as in a traveling choreo or transition, well, that is another matter! So I worked with that today. I did everything on both sides and brought it up to ridiculous tempos to make it even and tease my brain.
I also worked on 3/4 hips of many kinds today. Again, I am often an "I don't know HOW I do it, I just do it," kind of girl. But the name of the game right now is consistency and organization. And so it is!

Our strengths also tend to be the same as our weaknesses. This is just how it is. For instance, I LOVE improv! I love spontaneity, inspiration on the fly, in-the-moment kind of presentations. It is my strength, for sure, and I feel that much magick comes from this place. However, this means that my weakness is that I can err in this direction, and need to give extra special attention to structure, focus, form, and sequence. Not so much that I lose what works best for me, but enough so that my approach is balanced, disciplined, and strong.

So maybe its symbolic that I stole Krampus's switch last night. Discipline me? No dude--I've got this one under control. Just watch me, sucka.

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