Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day 5. Unconventional place.

Today was tricky.

BUT, that said, I did do my work, just in a most unconventional way.

My partner had to go in to have a follow-up on a medical matter, and I had to go with him. It took two hours, and I waited in the waiting room. Not one to accept boredom, I chose not to sit and read a stupid mag, or f*ck around with my phone. Instead I did yoga, meditated, and did choreo drills. :) Two hours.

The staff at the desk were very interested and one even asked me for a mini-lesson in Bellydance! Yes! Get moving out from behind that desk, ladies! It was good to see their smiles and enjoyment.

This gets me to a point: Why in the hell is it that, establishments such as hospitals that are supposed to exist to help people with their health, end up being some of the UNHEALTHIEST places for people to work? Nurses with long hours, people behind desks and in front of computers all day, low pay...I live near a Hospital in Salem, and I regularly see out of shape staff in scrubs standing outside smoking and drinking soda. C'mon now! What kind of a culture is this? Let's get it together already! That isn't "health". That's just cycles of crisis.

I'd like to see hospitals become more about health and healing. I think there are many who agree with me, and are doing something in this regard. Attitudes change slowly, though, and money, of course, plays a role. That said, I hope that future generations will look back at this time and think that this was barbaric compared to what they have developed for themselves, the way we look at the hospitals of times mercifully gone by.

I've got more to say about physical movement in public places (and social prohibitions against it), but that will have to wait for another time. My work for Day 5 has come to a close! :)

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  1. Agreed! I've often thought the same of the obviously unhealthy doctors and nurses I sometimes see at work. Not a very good example. I'm very interested in your ideas about prohibition of movement in public places, it's a peeve of mine as well. Was doing some dances at a park the other day, I live in a conservative Texas town. I have wondered whether reactions would be different in other regions.